Looks like Gmail guys don’t like my new browser. Sometimes (notice, just sometimes) things get broken in IE8 beta when using Gmail resulting strange layout problems. Even in turning compatibility mode to on has no effect on this. Continue reading

There’s been a new competition around for WPFers. You need to submit an application created with WPF technology (being a WPF app or Silverlight) which should not exceed 10 KB in size. Tricky, eh? What kind of an app can be 10 K? Continue reading

Maintaining old applications has always been something painful for me. Old application, for me, means Winform applications using DataSets for binding operations. When converting and opening an old application, the least thing you want on your hands is to open a form and see Designer screen of death. Continue reading

When maintaining an old application that uses Windsor as IoC container, a strange NullReferenceException was being thrown when trying to resolve an instance of a specific class. Our project has been recently upgraded to VS 2008 so it was natural to use C# 3.0 specific features. Continue reading

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