There is yet another issue with NHibernate and JetDriver I encountered yesterday. It seems that a select query containing “Order By”, will gets its “From” keyword cut off at some stage by the Jet Driver. Continue reading

I’ve been working on a WPF application which is maybe another post. The work is done and I have started localizing the applications. Localization was mostly changing the FlowDirection and lables / texts for other languages, but when testing the application, I came across an interesting problem with Nhibernate. The application worked correctly in default (en-us) culture, but not in fa-ir, as NHibernate reported problems when running the working query. Continue reading

ASP.NET MVC has great ajax integration with no doubt. Simply by using ajax forms you can use partial page rendering and there are also controller callbacks. One thing that will break if you switch to Ajax / JsonResult is the built-in Validation result (ModelErrors) rendering of the MVC engine. Continue reading

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