In last post showed how easy it was to use POCO classes in EntityFramework v4, a feature called “All Code”. This new feature, facilitates creating domain models but how about other features you may already have using other ORMs like NHibernate? Let’s see how we can achieve automatic audit logging in EF v4. Continue reading

With the release of EntityFramework v1 and lack of features such as Lazy Loading and Persistence Ignorance leading to Vote of No Confidence resulted the team working on Entity Framework project to actually change route and as the result, a lot of improvements has been made in EntityFramework v4. Wait a second…What happened to v2 and v3, you might ask? Well, EntityFramework vNext that will be released with .NET Framework 4 is named EntityFramework v4, so you didn’t miss anything. Let’s see how PI works in this version. Continue reading

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