When porting an old .NET MVC/API application to ASP .NET Core application things might not be as straightforward as you’d expect. A personal application that I was porting tumbled and even the most basic scenario wouldn’t work the way I expected (or the way the old .NET MVC used to work). This was nowhere on the massive Microsoft documentation website either. Read on, as I have figured out what was happening. Continue reading

I recently had an interaction with an NServiceBus customer and noticed that they are pushing the log of their import process all the way to the UI. While this may be normal in some cases, but why do you put all the technical details, including exceptions, stack trace, in case of errors in that customer facing log window? The answer was: it is hard for us to gather all the relevant information from a distributed process that’s running in a handful of microservices. When something goes wrong, it is hard for us to gather all the relevant information.

It all boiled down to this: while each individual service capture all the detail of a successfull and failed job, the logs go into individual log files on those services. It is hard to connect these logs across different services. In a nutshell, distributed logging is hard. But does it have to be? Continue reading

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