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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in VisualStudio   25 April 2010

MSTest problem in Visual Studio 2010

After upgrading some solutions to the new Visual Studio 2010 RTM and expecting automatic migration would do the trick, I bumped into a problem. The problem is that Unit Test project will be automatically upgraded to use .NET Framework 4.0.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Java J2EE   13 April 2010

Silverlight Applications with J2EE Backend - Part Three

In previous parts of this post, we figured out how to create a new webserivce implemented in JAX-WS using java language, and the create a RIA application using Silverlight to use this service. Let's continue and see some real-world scenarios.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in NHibernate   11 April 2010

NHibernate QueryOver API - Find The Bug

I have updated to the latest version NHibernate, built on the trunk. I'm using it for a pet project that uses latest NHibernate 3.0 functionalities. Using the new QueryOver API is my favourite new functionality but using it might be tricky sometimes.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Reflection TypeMock   07 April 2010

Beware: CThru sees through your private members!

TypeMock originally a framework to create mock objects, recently published the core API as TypeMock Open-API and on the same foundation, a project name CThru which gives you the "mocking" ability in the wild!

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Git   09 March 2010

Deserting SVN for good: Using Git

I've been having tremendous amount of problems lately using TortoiseSVN. Although server seemed to work fine, my SVN client had lots of problems, so I decided it was time to switch to Git. I was using the free service available at xp-dev.

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