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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in CodeReview   31 January 2009

Efficient Code

Writing code may look easy to some and hard to others, but some programmers always tend to write messy, smelling, ugly-looking, inefficient code.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in WCF REST Silverlight   30 January 2009

Silverlight + RESTful POX

I'm working on a small project for a Swedish company. They need their application be available via web, so it's time to put that Silverlight knowledge at work. I decided to use Silverlight for UI technology and have a REST service layer to provide the required data.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Windows   28 January 2009

Using Windows 7 Beta

It's been a few weeks since I've installed Windows 7 on my work development box. During the installation everything went fine and all the applications I had on my Windows Vista installed and worked fine under new windows 7, except for Skype for which I had to download and install their version 4.0 Beta.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Caliburn   13 January 2009

WPF Application with Caliburn - Part Two

In this part of the tutorial, we'll enhance our shell view to display other presenters and add Save and Print support for presenters supporting it. You can use generalize this example and learn how to implement generic features in your shell.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in GDI+   10 January 2009

Paint API on Vista

I was testing bunch of custom controls using Managed paint API on Windows Vista. Basically, managed and unmanaged paint API use native resources of the OS to paint controls, so if you run your controls on Windows XP you'll get XP look and feel.

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