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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Reflection Expressions   22 May 2012

Fun with Expression Trees

Logging is easy. We've all been there and done that, but when how do you log a request/response object of a webservice, specially when the WSDLs are being changed constantly? The requirements were easy, just log all the property names along with their values.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in CodeReviews   01 February 2012

God Class and Helpers

While code reviewing a client's code base I found this gem.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in General   20 January 2012

My Geek Origin Story

While spending my last days at my country and not working on an interesting project to blog about, I thought a post about how I happen to be what I am today is in order. While reading a blog post by Richard Banks, I was inspired to write my Geek Origin Story.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Caliburn TPL   19 October 2011

Caliburn Meets TPL / Async

With C# and Async integration in the language, you'll wonder how this fits in your current application infrastructure. I have started porting an old application into Silverlight 5.0 which comes with new C# 5.0 and Async features and I needed a way to integrate this with the Calibrun framework.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Workflow WF DesignTime   27 September 2011

Introduction to WF Designer Rehosting - Part Three

In previous posts we saw how to bind our designer properties to our activity and use VB.NET syntax for more complex values. In this post let's see how to show variables and work with namespaces.

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