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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in OpenID MVC Security   31 January 2011

OpenId Authentication in ASP.NET MVC

You've probably see OpenID on the wild on websites such as StackOverflow, but if you don't know what it is, it is a single sign-on mechanism that allows user of your website to use his existing profile on an OpenId provider

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in IL Disassembler Security   10 January 2011

Cracking .NET Assemblies

As a part of working in a Licensing component codebase, I'm checking commercial components to see how they implement licensing and the result, as you guess, is that mostly in-house (read dumb) lousy solutions are used for licensing and trial versioning.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in FarsiLibrary   11 November 2010

Duration calculation with FarsiLibrary

There's a new date calculation in Farsi Library that might come in handy. The new function was added a few days ago and calculates date/time differences in a user friendly manner.

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Validation Windsor DynamicProxy   08 November 2010

IDataErrorInfo Behavior Using DynamicProxy

Castle Windsor sample application now supports IDataErrorInfo interface. If you have read my post on how to implement INotifyPropertyChanged interface using Castle DynamicProxy, here same technique is used in parallel with Fluent Validation

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Meta avatar Hadi Eskandari in Reflection   04 November 2010

Inheritance and Custom Attributes

When implementing IDataErrorInfo support on Windsor Silverlight Example that uses aspect-like features of Castle DynamicProxy, I came across something interesting. I think we all have written a code to fetch the properties of an object using Reflection API...

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