There’s a new kid on the block! An effort to port Java frameworks to .NET is not a new thing and it’s been around since the early days of .NET 1, but integration of .NET Framework and Java Development Kit (JDK) is something I’m not used to see everyday! The new project named Ja.NET enables you to use first class development and runtime environment for .NET in which you use supposedly can use your existing Java SE code base and knowledge but also leverage existing functionalities available .NET Framework!

Ja.NET provides you with equivalence of Java 5 SE SDK implemented from scratch, JDK tools, class libraries and .NET CLR runtime environment. Also you can use available functionalities in .NET world such as Custom Attributes, Value Types, Extension Methods, etc. The question is : Are we back on J# days? Definetly no. I’m talking about an open-source community here and the roadmap says there will be release comparable to J2ME and J2EE sometime in the future.