Lots of good news from last night’s PDC event. ScottGu announced first release of:

  • Silverlight Toolkit containing lots of new controls like Charts, Expander, Autocompete, NumericUpDown, TreeView as well as panels that have been available in WPF like ViewBox and DockPanel. There are six themes to choose from!

  • WPF Toolkit containing DataGrid, DatePicker and Calendar and Visual State Manager.

There’s also a new Ribbon Control which you need to accept “Office UI License” to be able to download and use. Although, you have to comply with licensing terms of Office UI, the Ribbon Control is still free to use.


What’s more exciting is that all the controls are released under MS-PL license which means, are open source! Sources provide guidelines on how to create controls supporting UIAutomation, Skinning and how to build Visual Studio Designers for your custom controls. Just download them and start learning how to build controls for WPF and Silverlight.

Get the Silverlight Toolkit from here and WPF Toolkit from here. Also you can download the Ribbon Control from Office UI Licensing site by clicking License the Office UI link.