I’ve recently been creating custom designer for Workflow Activities and hosting the whole WF designer in a web application. As there is very limited documentation and guide other than Microsoft Forums, here I’ll try to shed some lights to some of the problems I have encountered. Continue reading

Ever wanted to have a Designer-Only properties, whose only purpose is to do something in Visual Studio? I guess you already almost know how to do this. Simply create a property with Getters / Setters and assign an Editor to it, but there are a few things you can do to enhance it. Continue reading

Maintaining old applications has always been something painful for me. Old application, for me, means Winform applications using DataSets for binding operations. When converting and opening an old application, the least thing you want on your hands is to open a form and see Designer screen of death. Continue reading

One of the things that affects the overall friendliness of your custom WPF controls - but you may not consider implementing it - is the design-time integration. With Cider continuing to exist in VS 2010, there’s a lot of design-time functionality at your disposal. Since the model is different in Cider than creating designers for WinForm controls, I’m trying to shed some light on the subject. Continue reading

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