You’ve probably see on the wild on websites such as StackOverflow, but if you don’t know what it is, it is a single sign-on mechanism that allows user of your website to use his existing profile on an provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Wordpress, etc. so by providing this service on your website, you allow the user to login without gooing through all the hoops of creating and validating an account which is usable on a single website only. Continue reading

As a part of working in a Licensing component codebase, I’m checking commercial components to see how they implement licensing and the result, as you guess, is that mostly in-house (read dumb) lousy solutions are used for licensing and trial versioning. So if you see the key-gen for your application spread on the internet a couple of days after releasing a new version, maybe this post is meant for you. Continue reading

You all know that .NET generated application convert the high-level codes from source language (e.g. C#) and converts them to IL. Basically, if you could convert the IL code back to the high-level language, you’d have the original source code of the application, and to some extent, you can do this, but this is the story for another post. Continue reading

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