Some time ago, Krzysztof wrote how he uses IoC containers and asked how other use it. This post is the answer to how I use Castle Windsor container on the applications I develop. With the Castle Windsor 2.5 nearly out, I have created a sample application to show best practices of using an IoC containers. The thing is almost all the resources talk about IoC container usage in web applications so hopefully this post will help you on best practices of using IoC in a rich client applications. Continue reading

Sometimes when registering classes on Windsor container, that extend an existing base class with an interface, using auto registration and FirstInterface method is useless, because first interface finds the interface implemented by base class Continue reading

When maintaining an old application that uses Windsor as IoC container, a strange NullReferenceException was being thrown when trying to resolve an instance of a specific class. Our project has been recently upgraded to VS 2008 so it was natural to use C# 3.0 specific features. Continue reading

In my previous post, I discussed how I had to move to Prism. The problem was that I had a code base which I now should use Unity container instead of Windsor. I had a look at the drop provided by P&P team that uses Windsor container, but the source code used is from an older version, So, I had to do it myself. Actually, it is relatively easy to use other containers with Prism. Continue reading

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