The version 2.7 of Farsi Library is now released through Nuget. As stated in the roadmap last year, I’m now integrating the existing functionality into other 3rd party suite of controls. This version integrates with DevExpress controls and supports the new theme and animations. There are two packages targetting DevExpress version 15.2 and 16.1 so you need to pick the right version. Due to amount of breaking change in each major version, I will need to publish new releases targetting each major DevExpress versions. For minor versions you might be able to get away with assembly redirects, depending on the amount of breaking changes in them.

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The level of customization that Silverlight comes with - even when you don’t have access to the source code of the control you are using - is simply amazing. Those who experienced WinForms control customization or control centric web frameworks like ASP.NET already know how much trouble they face when customizing a 3rd party control, if there is any customization support at all. Continue reading

I started checking out the new Silverlight 4 Beta this week and the most important feature (for me) added to this release : FlowDirection. If you’re not a WPF guy, this is the equivalent of RightToLeft in WinForm world, just recently added to Silverlight. Continue reading

I found a post in DevExpress blog announcing they WON’T be adding RTL feature in near future! Now, that’s a shame! With all the oil dollars being spent in middle east DevExpress team says they’re not going to add RTL feature because it simply wouldn’t worth their while! For more info on this check this link out. Continue reading

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