I’ve recently been creating custom designer for Workflow Activities and hosting the whole WF designer in a web application. As there is very limited documentation and guide other than Microsoft Forums, here I’ll try to shed some lights to some of the problems I have encountered. Continue reading

Since working on our RIA application that uses JBoss WebServices on the backend, we’ve had tremendous amount of problems when it came down to handling proxies generated by Visual Studio. The fact is Visual Studio proxy generator (as well as the command prompt tools) are so lame! Although they do the job, but they should only suffice basic scenarios where a client connects to a bunch of webservice with no shared contract across them. Continue reading

After upgrading some solutions to the new Visual Studio 2010 RTM and expecting automatic migration would do the trick, I bumped into a problem. The problem is that Unit Test project will be automatically upgraded to use .NET Framework 4.0 even if you explicitly choose not to do so in the migration wizard! Continue reading

Ever wanted to have a Designer-Only properties, whose only purpose is to do something in Visual Studio? I guess you already almost know how to do this. Simply create a property with Getters / Setters and assign an Editor to it, but there are a few things you can do to enhance it. Continue reading

Maintaining old applications has always been something painful for me. Old application, for me, means Winform applications using DataSets for binding operations. When converting and opening an old application, the least thing you want on your hands is to open a form and see Designer screen of death. Continue reading

Scott Hanselman has opened a survey to ask what feature of the .NET Framework people use. As he says, he’ll take the results straight to “The Bosses” so this could impact Microsoft’s future plans on development tools in general and .NET Framework in particular. Continue reading

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