On my WPF course someone asked how we could move the focus to the next control on the page when the enter key is pressed on a textbox. Let’s suppose we have a data entry form which mostly is consisted of TextBox (or alike) controls. Continue reading

This is the 3rd part of the series where in previous post we saw how to develop WPF applications using Caliburn Framework. In this post, we’ll see some more advanced usage where our shell instead of being just limited to displaying single view at a time, can have multiple ones in a Tabbed user interface. Continue reading

Caliburn is an application framework for WPF / Silverlight. If you’re developing applications for these platforms, there are many reasons why you definitely need to be using this framework, but today, I noticed how using this framework resulted writing less code while doing more. Continue reading

I’ve been working on a small LoB application to manage sales of a small sales office. I thought it’d be a good idea to put to use my WPF knowledge and use WPF to create this application. Continue reading

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