I proposed a poll to CodeProject web site a while ago to see how community is embracing the TDD and agile. There are a lot of talks in .NET community regarding writing tests (Unit Tests, Acceptance Tests, etc.) and even Microsoft is taking this seriously by providing new frameworks and tools to support the idea and encourage the developers. I could argue that ASP.NET MVC, supporting TDD in VisualStudio 2010 and lots of other things coming from the Bosses is a sign of this, don’t you agree? But how community in general and specifically developers are embracing this? That’s what I intended to find out.

Here’s the result:


Interesting, right? You can see that 18% not know what unit testing is! and this makes almost half of 1000 voted people (exactly 42%) not testing their code! What do you make of it? I’d say it is a disaster! How could the application developers have a night’s sleep if they have absolutely ZERO testing code? I’m sure they say unit testing is not for us, we just write business applications. Well, writing a business application with 50,000 - 70,000 LoC should have SOME bugs in it, right? How do you make sure there’s no bug at least in your core functionality!?

Thanks Chris for shedding some lights on this. What about you, dear reader? Do you find unit testing important? Do you test the code you’ve written?