I was to make Rhino Service Bus work with NHibernate the other day. Although, Nhibernate and Rhino Service Bus each work flawlessly, when coupled together the problem started. What I wanted to do was simple. Gather some orders to make a package large enough for shipment gateway to process. Continue reading

When working with Rhino Service Bus, the application kept crashing as I hit the database. The exception message says that MSDTC is disabled. It turns out this is because of the tightened security on Windows XP SP2 and DTC services and the problem would manifest if your running your data access services on a separate machine other than your DB and instantiate a new transaction using TransactionScope in your services. Continue reading

There’s been a lot of request for web and windows controls supporting multiple cultures and calendars, like the already existing WinForm Controls of Farsi Library. The existing ASP.NET Calendar control does not render correctly when used in other cultures and this is the case when you’re using FA-IR culture. Although this problem is partially because FA-IR has a wrong calendar set for its default calendar (GregorianCalendar instead of PersianCalendar this has its own story too), there’s no workaround. Continue reading

In the middle of investigating the new Rhino Service Bus (more on this on later posts), I was trying to create a console application that’d act like a Console Application Server. Using a console app as a development application service is very common, because running it is a breeze and you can get the log output directly on your screen. But what I didn’t know was that you can actually close the console application by pressing CTRL + C or CTRL + Break without properly closing the application and this sometime will results to very bad things happening like your port being left open and you won’t be able to re-run the application because the port is not properly closed. To my surprise you can not use any managed code to listen to those events! Continue reading

There’s a new kid on the block! An effort to port Java frameworks to .NET is not a new thing and it’s been around since the early days of .NET 1, but integration of .NET Framework and Java Development Kit (JDK) is something I’m not used to see everyday! The new project named Ja.NET enables you to use first class development and runtime environment for .NET in which you use supposedly can use your existing Java SE code base and knowledge but also leverage existing functionalities available .NET Framework! Continue reading

One of the things that affects the overall friendliness of your custom WPF controls - but you may not consider implementing it - is the design-time integration. With Cider continuing to exist in VS 2010, there’s a lot of design-time functionality at your disposal. Since the model is different in Cider than creating designers for WinForm controls, I’m trying to shed some light on the subject. Continue reading

One thing we’ve learned the hard way when developing large scale applications, was to use incomparable existing functionalities in Java world! Things like Message Queues, Task Scheduling, Load Balancing and fail over, etc, and yes, that means connecting your .NET application to a Java application server on the backend. Continue reading

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