I’ve recently been creating custom designer for Workflow Activities and hosting the whole WF designer in a web application. As there is very limited documentation and guide other than Microsoft Forums, here I’ll try to shed some lights to some of the problems I have encountered. Continue reading

The other day, I was starting a new gig to integrate an in-house sales system with Microsoft Dynamics and naturally I needed to install MSDynamics on my machine. The best option was to install it on a VM so that I get rid of it after the project is done. I decided to install it on a Windows XP machine that needs less resource to run, but I bumped into something interesting Continue reading

Back when I launched my website, it was supposed to be a hands-on tutorial for me to get my hands dirty with ASP.NET MVC. When I launched the site, I found out that I need to move my blog too, so I needed a blog engine as well. By that time the only available blog engine that was built using MVC was Oxite, so I had no other option. Continue reading

When it comes to mobile programming, Android is one of the vastly spread mobile OSes around, so how would you as a .NET programmer write android applications? It turns out there is a Monodroid project (currently in beta) which you can use to write android applications in C# and managed .NET environment and you can reuse your existing knowledge. Pretty cool, except it is a commercial framework once released. Continue reading

You’ve probably see on the wild on websites such as StackOverflow, but if you don’t know what it is, it is a single sign-on mechanism that allows user of your website to use his existing profile on an provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Wordpress, etc. so by providing this service on your website, you allow the user to login without gooing through all the hoops of creating and validating an account which is usable on a single website only. Continue reading

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