DevExpress has just released a new version of their Visual Studio .NET add-in tool namingly “CodeRush Xpress”. This version is Free! Some features refactorings available in this free versions Continue reading

Library RC 1 which released a few days ago, contains a new functionality : PersianCultueInfo. You can run your application setting an instance of this culture info on your application thread and you get the benefit of having a correct calendar for your application. Why is this important, you might say? Well, you’ll have all the date related controls rendered to you in correct dates! Continue reading

A lot of people keep asking me to provide a VB.NET Sample on how to use Farsi Library component. The library is written in C# after all and no sample code is provided to demonstrate VB.NET usage. This post is not a tutorial to Farsi Library per se. I’m answering some of the question regarding VB.NET usage, and some common questions about Farsi Library you’ve kept asking. Continue reading

Library RC 2.1 is here. Some reported bugs are fixed in this release and some new features are added. Please report back any problem you may have. Please note that changes labelled as “Modified” might break your current application. It is advised how the modification will affect you (e.g. Parse and TryParse methods removed) and how you can fix it (e.g. use a constructor overload instead). Continue reading

Scott Hanselman has opened a survey to ask what feature of the .NET Framework people use. As he says, he’ll take the results straight to “The Bosses” so this could impact Microsoft’s future plans on development tools in general and .NET Framework in particular. Continue reading

If you’ve read my older posts, you already know about the problem of FA-IR culture and the default calendar. When creating applications that run in different cultures and languages, Date specific controls like DatePickers, Scheduling controls, etc usually use current Culture’s calendar to calculate dates, and to represent a DateTime instance to string representation. Continue reading

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